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Pediatric Dental Appliances in Columbus, Ohio

Dental appliances aren’t just for adults any longer. There are a variety of dental appliances for pediatric care that can help your kid’s teeth develop as intended. Some appliances help prevent potential issues while others can treat active and ongoing issues. Pediatric dental appliances can be used to prevent damage to the teeth, and while young kids don’t always like wearing these devices, the good news is that they can prevent issues from arising later.

You’ll find all the dental appliances you need for your children by visiting Kenny Road Family Dental. Located conveniently on Kenny Road in Columbus, OH.

Prevent Sports Injuries

Kids are getting involved in all kinds of sports at younger and younger ages. Whether they’re playing soccer, baseball, or youth football. They may need a mouthguard. Even if the sport they’re playing is designed to be friendly without a lot of rough play, accidents do happen. A soccer ball kicked incorrectly, or a wild pitch can potentially knock out or damage a tooth.

That is why you’ll find comfortable mouthguards only at Kenny Road Family Dental. We also offer mouth guards for children who grind their teeth at night.

Keep Your Child’s Teeth Properly Maintained

Sometimes baby teeth are lost prematurely. When this happens, it can cause teeth to misalign or spacing issues when the adult teeth develop. We offer two types of spacers. The first is a fixed space maintainer. This can be fixed into place in between their regular teeth. Typically, these are made of metal and highly durable. This can be removed when the adult teeth begin to show. If the space in question is highly visible, the spacer can be fitting with an acrylic button to reduce its visual impact.

Removable spacer options are also available. These are rarely used in young children as they tend to remove them on their own. However, these might be available for older children. Ask your dentist if they are right for your children.

Prevent Thumb Sucking

Many young children will suck their thumbs as a means of comfort and relaxation before they fall asleep. However, if your child still possesses this habit by age five or six, it can lead to issues with alignment with your child’s teeth. We can affix a palatal crib, a device like braces, that prevents the thumb from reaching the roof and preventing the sensation of gratification that kids receive from sucking their thumb.

Typically, when used, this device will stop thumb sucking almost immediately.

Comfortable Expansion Appliances in Columbus, Ohio

If your child is experiencing underbite over overbite complications than an expansion appliance might help them correct this issue. These expansion issues are designed to stretch and widen the arch. It is custom formed to your child’s unique situation and affixed to the inside or outside of the teeth.

Regular exams can help detect if your child is suffering from an over or underbite. Schedule your regular exam with us today!

Proper Jaw Alignment on Kenny Road in Columbus, Ohio

If your child’s jaw is not growing in proportion on either side a bionator device may be recommended. This device will help the lower jaw position forward and help the teeth align properly. Bionators can be essential devices to help prevent expensive orthodontic issues later.

If you have questions on your child’s dental health and wonder if a pediatric dental appliance might be right for them. Contact us and schedule an exam today!