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Pediatric Orthodontics in Columbus, Ohio

Did you know that your child using a pacifier can cause potential dental issues? The use of pacifiers and thumb sucking is a coping or a relaxing response in young children and can help them relax and sleep. This is fine in your babies who do not have teeth, but as they grow continued use of pacifiers and thumb sucking can cause potential issues.

If you are concerned that your child’s teeth may not be developing properly Kenny Road Family Dental provides complete pediatric orthodontic and dental services. We recommend making your child’s first appointment at age three and we can do a complete orthodontic exam at age seven to detect any potential issues they might face as adults.

If you are searching for early orthodontic treatment in Kenny Road, Ohio, your long search is over. Make an appointment with our friendly pediatric dentists today!

Stopping Your Child’s Thumb Sucking

If your child is going on five or six years old, continued thumb sucking can lead to spacing and alignment issues with their teeth. We can help stop that by using a palatal crib. Similar to braces, these devices prevent the thumb from reaching the roof of the mouth and stopping kids from getting that comforting sensation associated with thumb sucking. Thumb sucking usually stops shortly thereafter. You can learn more by visiting our pediatric dental appliances page.

Helpful Pediatric Orthodontics

If you want to stay ahead of any potential orthodontic issues, it is recommended that you schedule their first orthodontic appointment by age seven. Seven is the recommended age as they have enough permanent or adult teeth to provide a baseline for their future development.

Often, this first visit may reveal nothing out of the ordinary, but in some cases, it may result in the discovery of potential upcoming or current issues. Ignoring these issues can lead to greater issues with dental health in their adult lives.

If you are looking for the best pediatric dentists near you, you’ll find them at Kenny Road Family Dental. We are conveniently located and offer flexible and family scheduling. Teach your kids the best dental habits by scheduling regular exams and cleanings. Call us today!