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Oral Cancer Screening in Columbus, Ohio

Chances are you probably don’t spend a lot of time thinking of oral cancer, but screening for it is important and knowing the signs can even potentially save your life. It is recommended that you schedule a regular exam and cleaning every six months. During your examination, we will look for potential signs of the most common signs of oral cancer.

Please note that you are more likely at risk for certain types of mouth cancers if you smoke or use tobacco products. While it is not a guarantee you will develop cancer, we will want to check for it and stay ahead of any potential developments. Some cancers may also possess a genetic component. Please let us know if you have a history of certain types of mouth cancer in your family.

Cancer treatment is most effective when it is caught at the earliest stages of the disease, that’s why it is important to contact us immediately if you notice any changes in your oral health.

Signs of Oral Cancer

Changes in your oral health can be sudden or it can be gradual but identifying the symptoms of oral cancer can go a long way in developing a treatment plan that can keep you healthy and potentially save your life. Please note that all of these symptoms can be related to other health issues, but if you are concerned, make an appointment and let us examine it.

Common signs include:

  • Mouth sores that don’t heal
  • Mouth pain
  • Lump inside the cheek
  • Thickened skin inside the cheek
  • Sore throat that doesn’t heal
  • Difficulty moving tongue or jaw
  • Difficulty chewing or swallowing
  • Voice changes
  • Persistent halitosis
  • Unexplained weight loss

Complete Dental Care Near You

Kenny Road Family Dental provides comprehensive dentistry service on Kenny road in Columbus. We can provide a thorough cancer screening during your regular checkup. For best results, we recommend adhering to a regular examination schedule every six months so we can monitor and track changes in your oral health. We also provide complete teeth cleaning and provide emergency dental care when it is needed.

Our friendly staff is here to help you and provide the best dental care available. Make your appointment today!