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General Exam & Cleaning

Dental Exams in Columbus, Ohio

Most people don’t enjoy visiting the dentist, but it is important to maintain your overall dental health and prevent diseases and other health issues. If you want to maximize your dental health, we recommend scheduling a general exam every six months.

During your exam, we will search for cavities and other signs of tooth decay. If it has been a while since you visited us, an X-ray may be required to establish an overall view of your teeth. We will use this as a baseline for future visits so we can quickly identify any changes to your oral health.

It’s also important that we obtain an overview of your general health, so please provide a list of current prescription medications, supplements, and any changes to your overall health.

In addition to looking for potential dental issues, Kenny Road Family Dentistry will also provide deep cleaning for your teeth. We will eliminate plaque and tartar buildup and check for signs of gingivitis and periodontal disease. We also provide immediate, onsite corrective treatment if we find cavities or other problems. We offer complete emergency dentistry services including molar removal and tooth extractions if it is required.

Your dental health is important to a healthy lifestyle, don’t put it off another second. Make an appointment today!

Teeth Cleaning in Columbus, Ohio

Having clean, white teeth is important to project an image of overall health. That’s why we provide complete dental cleaning when you visit us for your regular exam. We will eliminate plaque and discoloring of your teeth. Also, we will provide recommendations that will help keep your teeth clean between regular checkups.

If it has been more than six months since your last check-up, it is important to notify us, especially if you are experiencing new pain or discomfort. Contact us immediately if you notice any changes in the color of your gums or the sensitivity of your teeth.

Keep your teeth clean and healthy! Schedule your appointment with our friendly and compassionate staff today!

We Accept Most Insurances

Kenny Road Family Dental is proud to accept most forms of private insurance providers. We even accept Medicaid if you are currently enrolled in that program. We can also help you apply for CareCredit if you need help financing your treatment if it is not covered by your insurance provider.

If you have questions about your insurance or want to check if we are in your network, contact us today!